We have been feeding & using the ingredients in our products with our own chickens for many years. I was frustrated that I couldn't just buy a bag & add it to our feed as it was time consuming & expensive putting it all together, but I wanted the best for our animals and ultimately ourselves. Our Additions are chemical free & have no withholding periods for both eggs and meat.


SuperAddition & ChickAddition are additions to your regular feeds. They are designed to give your chickens the best health possible in a natural, chemical-free way. They help your chickens utilise their feed for ultimate growth & egg laying ability. As their vitamin & nutrient levels are at optimum levels, they have a higher feed conversion ratio, and are healthier with much stronger immune systems.


Our Additions have natural culinary herbs which have numerous health benefits, both internally & externally. Chickens can actually choose to direct nutrients either toward themselves or to their eggs & the more nutrients they eat, the more excess nutrition that they have to direct into their eggs which are healthier & more nutritious for us. As the herbs in our Additions are loose, the chickens are able to free-choice what they need.


We put together our Nest-N-Pest after receiving a gift of chickens riddled with lice and wanted to treat them safely and naturally.


The culinary herbs and edible flowers in our Nest-N-Pest have amazing health and well-being benefits, and also provide a bit of aromatherapy for your chickens.


Fresh or dried herbs in the nesting boxes not only work as insecticides, but also have anti-bacterial properties, and can act as natural wormers, anti-parasitic, rodent control, stress relievers and laying stimulants.


They will help a laying hen feel safe and relaxed while she is sitting, and calm a broody hen, as well as repel rodents, flies and other parasites. Broodies do have a tendency to get mites and other bugs since they don't get out to dust bathe often, if at all, and the warm, dark space underneath them is a breeding ground for parasites which certain types of herbs safely and naturally help to avoid.


Through our poultry (sheep, cattle & horse) passion of raising our animals as naturally as possible for our own consumption & enjoyment, we have researched & incorporated the products that we believe will provide our animals with the best nutrition, health & well-being as possible.



Melissa & Robert